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How it works

Orator lets you listen to your saved articles in a personal podcast playlist.

After you create an account, you'll get a link that represents a personal podcast. You will then copy and paste this link into the podcast player that you use on your phone. Your podcast player must support custom URLs.

To add articles to your playlist, you can integrate with Pocket (which is a bookmarking service that has a mobile app in which you can share articles to). Every so often, Orator will poll for new items saved to your Pocket list and add them to your playlist.

Another option is to simply email the article link to You can also send an email to yourself (which requires gmail integration). Orator will check for unread emails from your email address and if it finds a link, it will add it to your playlist.

Orator uses Amazon Polly to do the text to speech conversion. It is a lot better than most synthetic voices out there (which sound robotic).