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Spoken articles for busy bees like you.

Play any web article on your Amazon Echo or on your phone.

No Recommendations

My Orator keeps you focused.

  • No machine learning.
  • No auto-generated feeds.
  • No distractions.

My Orator is a URL-to-audio conversion service that takes articles of your choosing and converts them into recordings that you can listen to later in your podcast app (no extra apps/plugins to install).

Articles of Your Choice...

My Orator gives you a few ways to add articles

  • Share article (via email) from your phone
  • Paste multiple links on this web site
  • Sync bookmarks from your Pocket account.

Articles from are verified to work with My Orator.

Played with My Orator

My Orator is platform agnostic.
Play your tracks:

  • On your podcast app (iOS/Android)
  • On your web browser
  • On your Amazon Echo
You can even tag your articles to play them as part of a playlist!